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We are a modern and dynamically developing law firm with offices in Bratislava and Prague. We proudly deliver comprehensive legal services from 2017.

Our team possesses extensive experience and expertise in many areas of the law with critical importance to the business and public sectors alike. Our main areas of expertise include in particular commercial and civil law, labour law, business regulation, real property law, intellectual property law and IT law, including licences or personal data protection.

Services we provide to our clients on a routine basis include general legal advice, preparation of legal analyses and memorandums, drafting and revision of contracts, safekeeping of assets and documents, performance of any and all acts required for changes in business companies, and their registration in relevant public registers. Our expertise extends also to areas such as assets-related transactions (M&A), liquidation of companies, representing clients in judicial and arbitration proceedings and much more.

We provide our services mainly to corporate clients in the Slovak, Czech and English languages.

Record into RPVS

The Register of Public Sector Partners (RPVS/RPSP) is a special public register in which both natural persons and business entities trading with Slovak public sector’s entities (such as ministries, municipalities, schools, hospitals or publicly controlled companies) shall be registered. Registration into the RPVS/RPSP can be ensured only by a so-called authorized person such as an attorney or notary.

Entrepreneurs who want to participate in Slovak public tenders in the position of main contractor or subcontractor, persons applying for a subsidy from public funds or persons purchasing a state-owned property of a certain value (e.g. real estate) are most often registered in RPVS/RPSP.

We distinguish between mandatory registration, which is directly required by the law, especially in situations when the value of a certain transaction exceeds EUR 100,000 or EUR 250,000, and voluntary registration, when the law does not require registration into RPVS/RPSP, however the public sector entity requires such registration as one of the conditions for future cooperation. We also encounter voluntary registrations when the registered entity wants to gaint better credibility in relation to the existing or potential partners.

The registration into RPVS/RPSP is also associated with the mandatory identification of the ultimate beneficial owners, i.e. the real owners of the company who directly or indirectly control the company or who derive certain benefits from participation in the company.

Ultimate beneficial owners (UBO) along with the companies, are registered into the Register of Public Sector Partners, while all data personal data of UBO and data concerning the ownership and management structure, are publicly available on the official website of RPVS/RPSP.


Our law firm cooperates with the clients mainly on the basis of a flat fee.

In case of RPVS/RPSP registration with the parameters listed below, the price of our services amounts to EUR 200 excluding VAT: This price already includes all administrative fees, communication with the client and preparation of documents required for RPVS/RPSP registration.

The aforementioned price applies if the following conditions are met:

  • the ownership structure of the client has not more than 3 levels of other parent companies,
  • no level of ownership structure is formed by an entity that would enter into a control agreement or a silent partnership agreement with another entity or by an entity whose shares would be administered by a trust fund,
  • the client will provide our law firm with necessary cooperation and copies of the documents concerning the ownership and management structure.

In addition to the aforementioned price, the client is charged also the rate for the annual legal service, i.e. for the fulfilment of specific obligations required by law on an annual basis.


If you would like to receive more information on our services, do not hesitate to contact us either through this form, or any of the communication channels listed below.

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